Why Sewing is Good for You (and a Great Side Hobby)

As you know, this site is about my floral design business. But I think something that many people overlook is that you can’t spend all your time on just one thing. It’s true that you need to focus, but I’ve seen many promising floral designers get burnt out very quickly when they try to start their own business. They might soldier on, but they lose their passion – and it’s difficult to get that back.

That’s why I always recommend having a side hobby or two. For me, sewing is my go-to hobby. It’s relaxing yet uses just enough brain power to take your mind off the daily stresses of running a business.

Of course, sewing today is much easier than in the past. We now have excellent sewing machines (I use the Brother L14 sewing machine for most tasks) so you can spend more time focusing on what you want to make than fiddling with yarn.

If you’re not convinced, here’s a few reasons why I think sewing is good for you:

  • It helps you to relax – modern life can be tiring and overwhelming. Sewing allows you to switch off and do something with your hands. Everything is made for us these days – how often do we really get to be creative? I’ve found this is especially therapeutic to people who spend their daily lives on computers.
  • It’s practical – with a bit of practice, you can sew items that are genuinely useful. These are great as gifts or just for saving money.
  • It’s surprisingly easy – sewing isn’t difficult. It just takes a bit of practice. There’s no reason why you can’t make dresses and other large items once you’ve had some practice – although it’s best to start small.
  • It’s rewarding – there’s nothing better than wearing something you’ve made yourself. It’s also a great feeling when you give a friend or family member an item you’ve made and get a good reaction!

Do you have a hobby to take your mind off flowers? Or do you prefer to spend all your free time learning and improving your primary calling? Let me know!

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