What is Floral Design REALLY About?

I often get asked by friends what I really do for a living. Do I just put some flowers into a bouquet a few times each day? Is it really that simple?

In some ways, that’s exactly what I do – although any florist will tell you that it’s infinitely more complex than that.

Floral design is all about creating a feeling or mood using flowers. This might sound easy, but it’s harder than first appearances. It’s a form of art – where the restrictions of what you can and can’t do with flowers in some ways lead to even greater creativity.

You are also constrained by the format. There are obviously big differences between how you would approach a wreath and a corsage. Then there’s the event the flowers will be at, the client’s personal preferences and the type of mood they want to create. A lot goes into making even the simplest flower arrangement that most people don’t see or know about. That’s not a complaint – the reason we all hire professionals in certain fields is so we don’t have to learn how to do it ourselves.

There are also a variety of different styles. Western, Eastern and European styles have all influenced how I do floral design – although I tend to sway towards European in my own projects. There are almost too many individuals to count who have influenced how I design my bouquets or other projects. Without them I wouldn’t be the florist that I am today – and I know there is still plenty to learn.

I hope that throughout this blog’s lifetime I’ll be able to showcase my personal style. It’s always a work in progress, but I think that’s what makes the art of being a florist (or any other type of artist) so fascinating.

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