5 Beginner’s Floral Design Tips

5 tips for floral design

Flower arranging isn’t just for professionals! Whether you want to do it as a hobby or just need a bouquet for an event, everyone can put together a great looking arrangement by following just a few rules. Here are 5 tips for creating a stunning bouquet on your first attempt!

1. Don’t Forget About Water

One of the most common mistakes I see from beginners is not putting their flowers into water as soon as they get home. The longer you wait, the more likely the flowers are to lose their luster and healthy appearance.

For this reason, my #1 tip for any beginner to floral design is to put your flowers in water immediately when you get them home. Ideally, you should also add some floral preservative to the water, as this helps to keep your flowers looking their best.

Another tip is to remove around an inch off each stem when you first get the flowers. Cut stems find it easier to absorb water, so this is especially useful if you won’t be arranging them straight away.

2. The Key to Placement is Foam

Florists have a secret to keeping flowers in the right position : floral foam. If you want to do a lot of flower arranging, you need to be very comfortable using foam.

To start with, you need to soak the foam for around 15-20 minutes. Then you can cut it up to fit whatever container you’re using. Watered foam also helps to keep your flowers hydrated, so remember to water regularly.

3. Big Goes First

Once you’re ready to start arranging your flowers, it’s best to start with the larger flowers. The bigger flowers tend to dominate the arrangement, so if you add these last you may end up with an uneven design.

This doesn’t mean that smaller flowers are less important though. It’s vital to use the smaller ones to fill spaces and create separation between your “main” attractions.

As a side tip, height variation is also important. Don’t be afraid to mix up the length of stems.

4. The 1.5x Rule

Have you ever seen a floral arrangement where the flowers are only a bit taller than the container? If so, you know that this loses a lot of the impact.

As a general rule, try to make sure that the tallest flowers stretch to around 1.5x the height of the container. This provides maximum impact while still allowing the container a chance to shine.

5. Color Tips

Of course, the most important thing when creating a floral arrangement is a proper color palette. The right palette should provide matching colors while also enough variety and tension to make sure the arrangement is interesting.

As a general rule, beginners should stick for a monochromatic palette. While more complex palettes CAN work, there are almost infinite palettes with just one set of colors that can look fantastic.

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